A Nurse to Die For (2023)
"Liam is a company executive whose daughter, Corinne, has cystic fibrosis. With his wife having passed away in a car accident, Liam needs to find an in-home nurse to care for his daughter. Victoria, a woman with ulterior motives, applies for the job and is hired due to Liam seeing a good match between her and Corinne. However, it soon becomes apparent that Victoria is not a typical nurse and has an unhealthy attraction to Liam. Despite this, Corinne enjoys Victoria's company as she makes a special tea that she likes. Things take a turn when Liam's grandmother and assistant, Beverly, begin to suspect Victoria's true intentions. As it turns out, Victoria wants to take the place of Liam's deceased wife, but why? The film stars Allison McAtee, who has previously appeared in several Lifetime movies. While the acting is mediocre, the script is decent, and the movie is worth a watch if you're looking for something to pass the time."
Actor : Allison McAteeJeremy John WellsHailey Gray Director : Peter Sullivan Release : 2023 Country : United States of America Views: 2354 Tagline: The epic conclusion of the Jurassic era. Rate: PG-13 Language: English, Fran├žais, Malti Budget: $ 093.456.789,00 Revenue: $ 113.456.789,00
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