Quito 2023
Quito 2023 (2013) online free movie watch on lookmovie4 Quito 2023 is a thriller/sci-fi feature film directed by César Izurieta and Juan Fernando Moscoso. The movie is set in the Ecuadorian capital city of Quito, several years from now [1][2]. The story takes place after a coup d'état has left the country under military control following several internal political problems. In the film, Quito has been completely fenced, enclosed, and sheltered from the rest of the world. The city serves as the last frontier against the military dictatorship that has taken control of the country [1][3]. The movie focuses on the struggles of the people living in Quito and their efforts to resist the oppressive regime. The story follows two characters, Marcos and Santiago, who are leaders of a group of revolutionaries on the verge of launching a coup d'état against the military dictatorship. However, just hours before the strike, Santiago starts asking tough questions that make everyone rethink why they are really doing this. The film explores the characters' motivations, their pasts, and how they came to be part of the resistance movement. It also delves into the complex issues of power, politics, and ideology that underpin the conflict in the movie. The film is a blend of thriller and sci-fi genres, with elements of dystopia and speculative fiction. The setting is a near-future Quito that is both recognizable and unfamiliar, with advanced technology, oppressive security measures, and a sense of isolation from the outside world. The movie also features stunning visuals and cinematography that capture the unique landscape and architecture of Quito. In conclusion, Quito 2023 is a thought-provoking and visually stunning thriller/sci-fi movie set in a near-future Ecuadorian capital. The film explores complex issues of power, politics, and ideology while following the struggles of the people living in Quito against a military dictatorship. It is a must-watch for fans of dystopian and speculative fiction and those interested in exploring the intersections of technology, politics, and society.
Actor : Enrique Carvajal, Jose Luís Vergara, Silvio Director : Sci-Fi , Thriller Release : 2013 Country : Euro Views: 510000 Tagline: The film focuses on the Ecuadorian capital. Rate: PG-13 Language: English, Français, Malti Budget: $ 123.456.789,00 Revenue: $ 123.456.789,00
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