the mummy resurrection 2023
The movie "Engaged to be Murdered" follows the story of Sarah, a successful businesswoman who appears to have it all - a thriving career, a beautiful home, and a loving fiancé, Michael. But when Sarah receives a strange invitation to a high-end, exclusive wedding planning service, she begins to notice strange occurrences happening around her. At first, Sarah dismisses the incidents as coincidences, but as they continue to escalate, she begins to suspect that someone is targeting her. The wedding planning service, run by the charming and enigmatic Victoria, seems to be the only link between the incidents. Sarah's suspicions are confirmed when she discovers that Victoria is actually a notorious serial killer who preys on successful women, using their weddings as a guise to murder them. With her life on the line, Sarah must race against time to uncover Victoria's true identity and bring her to justice before she becomes another victim. As the tension builds and the body count rises, Sarah's relationship with Michael is tested as he struggles to believe her claims and support her in the face of danger. In a heart-stopping climax, Sarah confronts Victoria and fights for her life in a dramatic struggle. Ultimately, Sarah emerges victorious, but not without scars. She is left to pick up the pieces of her shattered life, haunted by the knowledge that danger can lurk in the most unexpected places.
Actor : Erin Boyes, Madison Smith, Lydia Campbell, Artine Brown, Tanis Dolman, Sarah-Jane Redmond, Malaika Jackson Director : Thriller Release : 2023-01-02 Country : Canada Views: 715342354 Tagline: The epic conclusion of the Jurassic era. Rate: PG-13 Language: English, Français, Malti Budget: $ 1634.456.789,00 Revenue: $ 184.456.789,00
1h 30m