Ripper's Revenge (2023)
"Ripper's Revenge" is a thrilling action-packed movie that follows the story of Jack Ripper, a former CIA operative turned vigilante who seeks revenge on the criminal organization responsible for the death of his family. The movie opens with a heart-wrenching scene of Jack's wife and daughter being brutally murdered by members of a powerful crime syndicate, led by the ruthless Don Rossi. Devastated and broken, Jack is left with nothing but the burning desire for revenge.Ripper's Revenge 2023 Years pass, and Jack disappears from the public eye. But behind the scenes, he spends every waking moment training and plotting his revenge. He meticulously plans every detail, from gathering intelligence on his enemies to infiltrating their organization. With his skills sharpened and his plan in place, Jack emerges from the shadows to take down the syndicate, one member at a time. He uses his expertise in combat, intelligence gathering, and hacking to disrupt their operations and cripple their finances. But the closer he gets to Don Rossi, the more dangerous and challenging the mission becomes. Rossi proves to be a cunning adversary, always one step ahead of Jack. And just when it seems like Jack has finally won, a shocking revelation is uncovered, and he realizes that he's been played all along. The final showdown between Jack and Rossi is an intense and explosive battle that leaves both men battered and bloodied. In the end, justice is served, but at a great cost. As the dust settles and Jack's mission comes to an end, he reflects on his journey and the sacrifices he's made. He realizes that revenge may have been the driving force behind his actions, but in the end, it was his love for his family that kept him going.
Actor : Chris Bell, Rachel Warren, Rafe Bird Director : Steve Lawson Release : 2023-04-03 Country : United Kingdom Views: 40122354 Tagline: The epic conclusion of the Jurassic era. Rate: PG-13 Language: English, Fran├žais, Malti Budget: $ 123.456.789,00 Revenue: $ 123.456.789,00
1h 25m